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Commercial Food Preparation Equipment for Your Restaurant

Why is food preparation equipment important to your restaurant? Commercial food prep equipment can increase your quality as well as the speed at which you get food out to the patrons. There are many different choices for purchasing the right food prep equipment to make your business run smoothly. This article will break down the best commercial kitchen equipment you may need for your business.

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Meat Slicer Equipment

If you operate a deli or a restaurant that needs to slice meats on the fly, a meat slicer is one of the most critical pieces of equipment you will need. A commercial meat slicer will allow you to slice meats quickly and easily.

  • The first type is a manual meat slicer, a simple, handheld slicer that is perfect for small businesses. It is easy to use and doesn't require any electricity.
  • The second type of meat slicer is the electric meat slicer, a more advanced slicer that comes with a variety of features. It is perfect for high-volume businesses that need to slice large quantities of meat.
  • The third type of meat slicer is the commercial meat slicer, the most advanced type of meat slicer and perfect for high-volume businesses. It comes with various features, such as an automatic shut-off system, and is capable of slicing through even the thickest meats with an even quicker output.

Commercial Mixers & Accessories

A commercial mixer is a must-have for any kitchen that does any kind of food preparation. There are many different types of commercial mixers on the market, but they all have one thing in common – they make short work of combining ingredients. There are two main types of commercial mixers: countertop mixers and stand mixers.

Countertop mixers are smaller and more compact, making them ideal for small kitchens or limited counter space. Stand mixers are larger and more powerful and offer more versatility than countertop mixers. Both types of mixers have their advantages, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs.

What is a vertical cutter mixer? Vertical cutter mixers are a type of mixer that uses vertical blades to chop and blend the ingredients. This type of mixer is perfect for blending thick and sticky ingredients, as well as for producing a finer texture. They are also great for reducing the size of particles in the mixture.

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Meat and Seafood Preparation Equipment

If you are preparing meat or seafood, you will need to purchase some specialized commercial equipment.

One meat preparation tool is a commercial meat grinder or grater, a heavy-duty piece of equipment perfect for businesses that need to grind large quantities of meat. It has many features, such as different blades and grinding plates, and can crush any beef or meat quickly and easily. Another type of equipment is a commercial burger patty press. This item will help you create burger patties of any size and in large quantities.

When it comes to seafood preparation, you shouldn't skimp on some pieces of equipment. For instance, operating a seafood restaurant may mean needing a fish scaler, specialized knives, or maybe even some shuckers. Depending on the seafood you provide, different tools will serve other purposes

Fruit, Vegetable, and Salad Preparation

If you are in the business of preparing fruits, vegetables, or salads, you will need to purchase some specialized equipment to keep you from getting behind when it's busy. If you provide this food category in your operation, you may want to look at supplies you may need for slicing, cutting, juicing, or washing products.

With so many restaurants serving salads as a side dish or a main course, having something to wash and dry your produce quickly can make or break a business. Salad spinners, potato peelers, and various vegetable choppers will be worth the cost of saving time.

French Fry Cutters

If you are in the business of serving french fries, you might want to look into a french fry cutter, a specialized piece of equipment that can quickly and easily slice potatoes into perfect french fries every time.

Commercial Food Processing Equipment & Accessories

When it comes to food processing, one piece of equipment is essential for any business. The first piece of equipment is commercial-grade food processors, a heavy-duty piece of restaurant equipment that can handle any food you want to process.

It comes with various blades and discs, so you can quickly chop, grind, slice, or shred any food. Many accessories accompany these machines to produce the results you're looking for every time.

Food Packaging Appliances

If you are looking for a food packaging system that is highly reliable, you should consider investing in a commercial food vacuum sealing appliance. These appliances are designed to package food quickly and easily, making them perfect for businesses that need to store large quantities of food without taking up too much space.

While these machines are a significant investment, food vacuuming can save your food from going bad and help you to keep your menu items fresh and new.

Commercial Blending Equipment

A blender is an essential tool for any business that wants to make delicious smoothies, frappes, or frozen drinks. A commercial blender can quickly and easily blend any liquid and is perfect for companies that want to produce large quantities at once.

There are two main types of blenders: commercial immersion blenders and countertop blenders. The immersion blender is a handheld device that plugs into an outlet and doesn't take much space. It's perfect for businesses that need to mix smaller batches of food.

In addition, various blades, lids, and additional attachments can be a worthy investment if you run a high-volume operation where these items constantly need to be changed out.

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Dough Sheeters, Dividers, Rounders, and Presses

business of preparing the dough, you should consider a dough sheeter, a piece of equipment that evenly flattens and stretches the dough to the desired thickness. A dough divider will then cut the dough into even pieces, and a dough rounder will give each piece a perfect shape. Lastly, a dough press will help form the dough into the correct shape before baking.

These machines can be expensive, but they are definitely worth the investment if you run a restaurant or bakery that prepares dough. Having these machines will help you produce high-quality products quickly and easily, without worrying about inconsistencies in your product size or shape.


When it comes to food preparation, accuracy is critical. That's why investing in quality commercial scales can be a wise decision for any business. Investing in commercial scales can help you to save money and keep your food preparation accurate.

Some scales are designed specifically for baking, while others are more general-purpose. You might also want to consider purchasing a digital scale, as they are usually more accurate than their analog counterparts.

Commercial Can Openers & Can Crushers

If your business deals with cans, you'll need a commercial can opener and can crusher. A can opener is a must-have for companies that want to open cans quickly and easily, while a can crusher can help you recycle cans and save space.

There are many different types of commercial can openers available on the market, so it's essential to find one right for your business. Some openers are designed specifically for large cans, while others are meant for smaller cans.

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Grinders and Graters

A grinder or a grater is a must-have for any business that wants to make fresh pasta, sauces, or salads. A grinder will help you to grind spices and herbs quickly and easily, while a food grater can be used to grate cheese, vegetables, and other ingredients.

There are many different types of grinders and graters available on the market, so it's essential to do your research before purchasing. Some grinders are explicitly designed for spices, while others are meant for more complex foods like nuts or seeds. Likewise, some graters are better suited for soft foods like cheese, while others can handle tougher vegetables better.

Garnishing Equipment

Garnishing is an integral part of food preparation, and it can be the difference between a good dish and a great dish. That's why it's crucial to have the proper equipment for garnishing your food.

Commercial garnishing everyday items include tweezers, scissors, knives, and brushes. It's also good to have the correct type of garnish for preparing the dish. For example, if you are preparing a salad, you'll need different garnishes than preparing a pizza.

Cheese Cutters & Candy Slicers

If your business prepares cheese or candy, there are specialized tools to slice and cut these items efficiently. Cheese cutters are used to slice cheese quickly and easily, while you can use candy slicers to slice candy into thin strips or cubes.

You can find both of these pieces of equipment at most commercial kitchen supply stores, and they are relatively affordable. So if you're looking for an easy way to slice cheese or candy, these cutters are worth checking out.

Bread Slicers

What are bread slicers? A bread slicer is a tool that will help you slice bread quickly and easily without worrying about inconsistent thickness or shape.

Bread is a specialized product that can be easily influenced or manipulated by the type of equipment you use. Therefore, it's best to purchase from commercial kitchen suppliers when searching for a quality bread slicer.

Fortunately, Restaurant Supply will provide you with the best food preparation tools for any food operation or bakery. From bread slicers and cheese cutters to graters and grinders, these items will help make it easier than ever before to prepare delicious dishes for your customers without breaking the bank in the process.

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