Commercial Gas Restaurant Ranges

A commercial gas range is a workhorse that your commercial kitchen can rely upon. Models are available with different numbers of burners. Gas ranges can be configured with standard ovens, convection ovens, open storage bases or a combination of those. Several models incorporate a griddle top to expand your cooking option within the same piece of equipment.
Commercial Gas Restaurant Ranges - The Workhorses in the Back of the House

Most commercial kitchens that do high volume cooking on stovetop burners or baking and roasting in an oven rely upon restaurant ranges. Manufacturers of restaurant ranges are aware that every establishment has different needs, so they have models configured with different burners and other cooking surfaces, such as griddle tops. Some commercial gas ranges come with standard ovens or convection ovens to meet your menu needs. There are also models with open storage bases beneath the burners. Find the restaurant range to suit your space, layout, and cooking requirements.

Most brands have models that are available in either a natural gas or liquid propane configuration. Choose from’s large selection of commercial gas restaurant ranges.