Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

Commercial ice cream freezers include many types of freezer equipment, most with dedicated purposes. From ice cream dipping cabinets where customers can order up the perfect sundae or cone and your staff can easily scoop directly from standard tubs to glass top freezer units where frozen ice cream bars, pints of popular ice cream flavors and other treats can entice customers into serving themselves.

Ice cream freezers also encompass soft serve ice cream machines, which are available in a number of sizes and configurations. And for the ultimate in ice cream dessert preparation, choose one of the cold slabs or frost tops for creating that mix in treat with ice cream spades in front of the customer for that extra entertainment component.

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Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

Keep your tubs of ice cream at the proper temperatures, as well as easy to access, while showing off the flavors and their colors with an ice cream dipping cabinet. Straight and curved glass top models available. Some manufacturers make models with different color vinyl exterior wraps to match your style.

Glass Top Freezers

Glass top freezers are designed to store and display ice cream or gelato at their proper temperatures. Their sliding glass doors allow customers to view the selections without opening the compartment. Present and organize your ice cream bars, pints of gelato, and more in the best light while keeping cold air inside the freezer until customers are ready to reach in and grab their selection.

Display Freezers

When you need to store and display tubs or gallons of ice cream, nothing is better than an upright display freezer. Ideal for merchandising at points of sale, entice your customers to make that impulse purchase. Available with either swing or sliding glass doors.

Chest Freezers

If you have a need to store frozen items in bulk, one option is a commercial chest freezer. Available in a variety of cubic foot capacities. Ideal for keeping ice cream tubs, sections of meat, bags of ice, or even large quantities of frozen vegetables stored at the proper temperature. A hinged lid on top for access to contents. Some models include locks or internal dividers for easy organizing.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

Soft Serve machines are popular because they provide either single, double or twisted flavors of ice cream or frozen yogurt. Ideal for either behind the counter or self-service applications such as convenience stores or buffet lines. Soft serve machines available as floor or countertop models.

Frost Tops and Cold Slabs

A frost top or a cold slab provides a chilled surface for your employees to mix ice cream and mix-ins. By using ice cream spades on the frost top, you can add candies, cookie crumbles, and other treats into the customer's selected ice cream flavors. Without worrying about melting during the preparation. Frost tops are available as top or bottom mounted units, and different surfaces are available.