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Waste Disposal Equipment

Waste Disposal Equipment - So Many Ways To Dispose

Garbage Disposals installed beneath sinks ahead of your plumbing system. They are basic disposers that chop and grind food and other stuff into tiny manageable bits that can be flushed safely with your water down the drain through your regular plumbing.

Grease traps and grease interceptors are typically related to floor drains, installed beneath the floor. They are designed remove the liquid and floating grease and oils that will soon congeal and solidify into a thick waste that can completely block up your water drains and plumbing system before it ever gets out to the public water system and help you avoid fines and health code violations.

And the Pulpers and Extractors process the larger waste that goes into your water by shredding and decimating scraps left over from dish cleaning. They extract that waste from your water pipes to eliminate clogs and all sorts of problems. Choose your disposal arsenal wisely and keep things flowing smoothly.