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Omcan 43557 Electric Countertop Pasta Cooker - 4 Liter Capacity
Vollrath 40868 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Head 120V, 1100W
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Looking for that specific piece of cooking equipment for certain menu items? From pasta thermalizers and rice cookers to crepe makers and waffle cone bakers, you will find the item to fill that niche in your commercial kitchen.
High Quality Commercial Grade Equipment for Your Very Special Menu Items

For specific tasks and for proper preparation of those unique food products, you need kitchen equipment designed for them. Pasta rethermalizers perform to your exacting standards. Rice cookers create the perfect servings every time. Look for crepe makers, and waffle cone bakers for those delicate and delectable treats. For properly heating your vacuum packaged food items, consider a sous vide set up. And these are heavy-duty, commercial grade units meant for your high-volume restaurant kitchen, food truck or catering operation - manufactured to withstand the rigors of your foodservice business.