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Southbend Restaurant Equipment

Southbend Restaurant Equipment

Southbend equipment is known for its top-quality manufacturing and long-lasting materials, offering reliability at every turn. The company has been producing commercial kitchen equipment for more than 50 years, a family-owned business, and its equipment is made with pride in the United States.

Southbend is one of the most popular brands in the foodservice equipment industry. Their products are made to last, and they have a team of engineers and technicians who work on improving their products. The company manufactures a wide range of products, including gas and electric ranges, exhaust systems, griddles, sandwich presses, flat-top grills, fryers, convection ovens, combi ovens, etc.

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Who is Southbend?

Southbend is a leader in designing restaurant equipment that exceeds the expectations of its customers. The focus on quality is evident in its products' attention to detail, robust construction, and user-friendly functionality. Southbend is the preferred equipment supplier for independent and chain restaurants because it offers the best value in the marketplace.

Southbend is one of the most popular restaurant equipment manufacturers in the world. It is a leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment, providing a wide range of products for restaurant, hospitality, and food service establishments. Southbend offers a large variety of products, from ranges and griddles to fryers and microwaves.

Southbend Convection Ovens

Southbend Convection Ovens

Southbend Convection Ovens are a type of large industrial kitchen appliance used for cooking large quantities of food at one time. Convection ovens circulate hot air around the food being cooked, which helps to speed up the cooking process and makes foods come out more evenly cooked and delicious.

They are similar to conventional electric and gas ranges, but they are designed to be more energy-efficient and to cook with convection airflow rather than heating elements. They are also designed to maximize ease of use, such as programmable settings, and often come with useful features like a dedicated proofing setting.

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Southbend Fryers

Southbend Fryers

Southbend fryers are large, stainless-steel vats that are filled with cooking oil and kept at the desired temperature. They can be used to deep-fry foods, such as chips, chicken, and potatoes, or to boil foods, such as crab, shrimp, and dumplings. These appliances come at different sizes and prices, so it is important to pick the one that meets your requirements.

The main advantage of a southbend fryer over other types of fryers is its speed. A southbend fryer can cook large amounts of food in a short amount of time. The average southbend fryer has a capacity of between 10 and 100 pounds of food per batch.

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Southbend Griddles

Southbend Griddles

Southbend Griddles are large, flat surfaces that are ideal for cooking large quantities of food at one time. Griddles can be made of different materials, but most have a nonstick surface that makes it easy to slide foods in and out of the griddle. They are designed to fit over two or three burner cooktops, and they make it possible to cook multiple dishes at the same time. You can use one half of a griddle to make pancakes or a large batch of meatballs, and then use the other half to make eggs or another dish.

Most Southbend Griddles are electric, but some gas models are also available. Southbend Griddles often have multiple levels, allowing them to cook large amounts of food at once.

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Southbend Countertop Ranges

Southbend Countertop Ranges

Southbend Countertop Ranges are a type of kitchen appliance that is designed to be placed on a countertop, as opposed to a wall or other surface. These appliances typically include a built-in exhaust system and are installed above the counter to prevent heat damage to the surface below. The most common types of countertop ranges include electric and gas ranges, as well as induction ranges.

Southbend Ranges are made with a combination of cast iron and stainless steel. Cast iron is very durable, but it can also be very heavy. These ranges are made with cast iron on the outside, but the inside is lined with stainless steel for easy cleaning.

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Southbend Restaurant Ranges

Southbend Restaurant Ranges

Southbend Restaurant Ranges are a type of commercial kitchen range that is typically installed in the kitchen of a restaurant or other food service business. These appliances are typically much larger than a standard kitchen range, and they are designed to accommodate the high volume of cooking that takes place in a commercial kitchen. A restaurant range may have several burners that can be raised or lowered to accommodate different size pots, and it may have features like an induction burner to quickly bring water to a boil.

These are easy to install, and you won’t have to worry about any maintenance for quite some time, as these are extremely durable as well. Many commercial ranges are also designed to accommodate large quantities of food, and they may have a large grilling surface or multiple warming trays for holding large quantities of dishes.

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Southbend Carbroilers

Southbend Charbroilers

Southbend charbroilers are a type of gas or electric grill that has a curved top that can be lowered for easier food access. These grills are usually larger than standard grills and can accommodate a significant amount of food at once. They typically have a large cooking surface and come with multiple burners for different cooking temperatures.

These grills are typically made of cast iron and have a grill surface that is lined with grooves to allow for better searing and fat absorption. Southbend charbroilers can be used to cook any type of meat, but they are especially suited to grilling steaks, burgers, and other large pieces of meat.

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How does a Southbend BGS/22SC_NAT 38" B Series Double Deck Full Sized Standard Depth Natural Gas Convection Oven work?

The Southbend BGS/22SC_NAT Natural Gas Convection Oven offers a variety of cooking functions such as baking, convection, broiling, and rotisserie to meet the needs of any restaurant. It comes with a 22’’ length, 26’’ width, and 42’’ height to accommodate a variety of foods. The B Series Double Deck Full Sized Standard Depth Natural Gas Convection Oven offers a host of convenient functions to make your life easier.

This oven has a durable stainless steel exterior and a cast iron griddle for long-lasting, high-quality performance. With the touch controls and LED display, you can easily navigate through the settings and change your settings as needed. With the quick defrost setting, you can defrost your food quickly and easily. The door locks allow you to keep your food safe and secure when you are not in the kitchen.

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How does a Southbend SB35S_LP 35-40 lb. Economy Liquid Propane Gas Fryer With Three Burners work?

The Southbend SB35S_LP Economy Liquid Propane Gas Fryer with Three Burners, 35–40 lb. is a highly versatile piece of equipment for your commercial kitchen. The fryer is made from durable cast iron for long-lasting use and high heat retention for excellent performance. The fryer comes with a gas control valve and a safety shutoff valve for added convenience.

This fryer comes with a control panel that has a low profile, making it easier to use. The control panel is also easy to read, letting you monitor your cooking without difficulty. The stainless steel construction of the fryer's outside surfaces, and the cast-iron grates of the fryer's bottom make it easy to clean.

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How does a Southbend HDG-36_NAT Heavy-Duty 36" Thermostatic Counterline Natural Gas Griddle With 3 Burners work?

Southbend HDG-36_NAT Heavy-Duty 36" Thermostatic Counterline Natural Gas Griddle With 3 Burners comes with 3 burners and a thermostat-controlled center burner. It is a 36" griddle with a large cooking surface made of cast iron. The griddle has a natural gas connection and an LP conversion kit is included. It has a steel construction with a cast iron griddle. The griddle has 4 in. legs and an adjustable leveling foot. It has a stainless steel control panel. The griddle has a cast iron cooking surface.

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