3 Compartment Sinks

3 Compartment Sinks are large, complementary pieces of equipment that can be incorporated into most commercial kitchens. A three compartment sink can have either a single (left or right) drainboard or dual drainboards for even more workspace. Sinks with different bowl widths and depths are available. These sinks come with pre-punched holes for faucets. (Note that faucets are not included but are available from RestaurantSupply.com). A 3 compartment sink can have each compartment dedicated to a specific task such as pre-rinse, soak, hand-washing, etc. When you have a reliable 3 compartment sink in your kitchen, you can improve work flow.

Every 3 compartment sink available on RestaurantSupply.com is manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Some models are made from different grades of stainless steel, but each is durable and easy to keep clean. Rounded corners and raised rolled top edges make working in and around the sinks safer. The rolled top edges help prevent overflows as well. Backsplashes are standard on every model, but are available in a number of heights. Be certain to check the available wall space so that you select the proper 3 compartment sink. In addition, many of the sinks come with adjustable legs and/or feet, so you can modify the height of the sink to fit your space.

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3 compartment sinks are an essential fixture in any commercial kitchen, particularly restaurants. They are designed to provide a convenient location for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing dishes, utensils, and other kitchen equipment. By using a 3 compartment sink, restaurant staff can efficiently clean and sanitize large quantities of dishes without having to worry about cross-contamination or the spread of harmful bacteria. These sinks are also required by law in most states, as they are an essential component of a restaurant's health and safety regulations. With their durable construction and easy-to-clean design, 3 compartment sinks are the perfect solution for any busy restaurant kitchen.