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Underbar Sinks

Underbar Sinks

Underbar Sinks are intended to provide a sink in a small space, typically under a bar or countertop. Underbar sinks are compact and they only reach a certain height so you can install them nearly anywhere. Most models are constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Some models come equipped with either a single or dual drainboard for more work space. There are single, double, three- and four-compartment underbar sinks available from several different manufacturers on

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Compartment Sinks

Compartment Sinks

Compartment sinks come in a large variety of configurations to meet your needs. Models available with one to four compartments, with left, right, dual or no drainboards.

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1 Compartment Sinks
1 Compartment Sinks 316 products
2 Compartment Sinks
2 Compartment Sinks 277 products
3 Compartment Sinks
3 Compartment Sinks 391 products
4 Compartment Sinks
4 Compartment Sinks 187 products
Janitorial Sinks

Janitorial Sinks

Janitorial sinks include utility and service sinks, as well as mop sinks and sink cabinets. Designed to make janitorial and cleaning duties go more smoothly. Durable stainless steel construction.

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Mop Sinks
Mop Sinks 22 products
Sink Cabinets
Sink Cabinets 5 products
Utility Sinks
Utility Sinks 9 products
Hand Sinks

Hand Sinks

From portable hand sink carts to wall-mounted hand sinks, nearly every foodservice establishment requires a hand sink. Durable, stainless steel construction. Available in a variety of configurations.

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Sink Bowls

Sink Bowls

Drop-in sink bowls and undermount sinks allow you to customize an existing countertop and create a dishwashing or hand washing space.

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Drop In Sinks
Drop In Sinks 35 products
Undermount Sinks
Undermount Sinks 24 products

Every Foodservice business needs to meet codes and regulations for health and cleanliness. Commercial sinks help your business stay clean in a multitude of ways. Restaurant Supply has a huge selection of sinks from the top manufacturers of high quality kitchen equipment so you can rest easier knowing the sinks can stand up to the toughest jobs your kitchen can dish out.