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Upgrade and Customize Your Steam Table with Stainless Steel Food Pans and Accessories

With the reliability, efficiency, and durability of stainless steel, you can be assured of safe, long-lasting and attractive food display on your steam tables. Stainless steel food pans are also called hotel pans or fractional pans, since they come in a variety of sizes that will fit together in different configurations to fill in the standard-sized well of a commercial steam table or buffet table. This allows you to mix different sized pans to accommodate different food items and ingredients, while fully utilizing the well space of the steam table.

Different types of stainless steel food pans are available, including standard weight pans, perforated pans, non-stick food pans, and also the high quality “anti-jam” style of food pans. While perforated pans allow liquids to drain and keep your foods from getting soggy or mushy, non-stick pans are ideal for preventing breading and other parts of your menu items from sticking to the pan and ruining their presentation on the customer’s plate. Find the exact type of food pan for your application.

In addition, there are many stainless steel food pan accessories available that will help further customize your layout. Adapter bars assist with organizing your fractional pans properly, spillage pans keep water beneath the food pans, and adapter plates let you use different shaped containers and pans. To keep food up out of their juices, look for wire grates and false bottoms. Mix, match, combine stainless steel pans and accessories for high quality food presentation and service.