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Bulk Food Storage Containers and Ingredient Bins

Incorporating the use of Ingredient Bins helps organize your commercial kitchen. Most of these bins are mobile, with integrated casters, so you can wheel them where you need them and then return them to their original storage location. Available in a large variety of storage capacities and types of containers, so you can find the right bulk storage for your business.

Ingredient Bins and Bulk Storage - Keep Lots of Stuff Fresh and Dry

Ingredient bins and similar bulk storage containers are ideal for storing large amounts of dry food items such as flour, sugar, rice, and other dry ingredients. These containers have air-tight lids which help keep their contents fresh. Because these bins help you store ingredients safely away from moisture, heat, and possible contaminants, you decrease your food loss and waste, which saves you money over time. In addition, the bins can be labeled and the lids are transparent, so your kitchen staff will be able to grab the right ingredients without having to open the container to check.