Solid Door Pass-In and Pass-Through Refrigerators

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Solid door pass-in (also known as pass-through) refrigerators are a variation of standard refrigerators that have a solid door instead of a glass one and are often used in convenience stores, gas stations, and fast food restaurants because they are less expensive than glass door refrigerators. They are typically larger in size and are used for maintaining a large quantity of food in a single location. Solid door pass-in are most commonly made of stainless steel, but some models may be made from aluminum or an acrylic glass composite. Depending on the model, a solid door fridge may have a single or double door, and the door(s) may be either hinged or sliding. These models are available in many sizes and configurations, ranging from counter-depth refrigerators to large-capacity refrigerators. In addition, solid door refrigerators are available with different features, including ADA-compliant designs for use in households with individuals with disabilities, icemakers for keeping food and drinks chilled, and other helpful conveniences.