Solid Door Pass-In and Pass-Through Freezers

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Solid door pass-in / pass-through freezers are a walk-in freezer type with solid doors instead of sliders or push-ins. These units are typically larger than standard freezers and have higher capacities. Solid door pass-in / pass-through freezers are great for any business that needs extra capacity but cannot fit or do not have the floor space for a standard walk-in freezer. Solid door freezers are made from cast iron or steel, which is why they’re also called cast iron freezers. Cast iron and steel are extremely durable materials that can withstand the constant temperature and humidity changes common in commercial kitchens. These materials are also very heavy, making them difficult to move, an important consideration in restaurant kitchens where space is at a premium. The majority of pass-through freezers are designed with sliding doors. They are typically constructed of stainless steel with double or triple walls to maintain temperature stability and keep the product fresh. These units typically come with an electronic control panel and optional climate control. Pass-through freezers are available in a variety of sizes and capacities.