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The Perfectly-Sized Cups and Ramekins for Your Sauces and Dips

There are several menu items that are offered by many foodservice establishments that simply beg for some kind of flavorful sauce, dip, or dressing. For fries, wings, salads and more, a ramekin provides you with the ideal container to hold condiments to enhance the dining experience without taking up a lot of space on the table. A huge variety of ramekins and sauce cups is available, in several materials including cast aluminum, china, stainless steel, glass and plastics. Most sauce cup styles are offered in more than one size so you can pair them appropriately with either a single serving of fries or a huge fried onion blossom for the table to share.

Metal and plastic sauce cups are also durable and won't break if they are accidentally dropped. Choose a colorful melamine or aluminum ramekin to match your table decor. Or rely upon tough stainless steel to hold your dips or dressings. If you operate a catering business or a banquet facility, you can create an elegant presentation with china or glass ramekins.