Holding Cabinets

In many restaurants with high volume, busy hotels, and popular catering business, a holding cabinet is nearly a required piece of foodservice equipment. A holding cabinet allows you to prepare side dishes, appetizers and even main entrees in large batches and then hold them at an exact temperature until you need to serve them.

Holding cabinets vary in size and capacity, from small undercounter and compact models to large, full-sized floor models that can hold many trays or pans of food. Many models are mobile, so you can position your menu items exactly where you need them until you are ready to serve them to guests.

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Holding cabinets have become an essential tool for busy restaurant kitchens where the demand for hot and fresh food is high. These cabinets are designed to keep your cooked food ready-to-serve at the perfect temperature until it's time to plate and deliver. Holding cabinets work by controlling humidity, heat, and airflow to maintain the food's texture and quality without drying it out. This ensures that your customers receive their meal as if it was just cooked, even during busy hours. Investing in holding cabinets can help restaurants increase their efficiency, reduce waste, and most importantly, deliver fresh and flavorful meals to their customers.

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