Glass Door Pass-In and Pass-Through Refrigerators

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Glass door pass-in refrigerators are a type of commercial refrigerator used to store and display food and are often found in supermarkets, convenience stores, and delis. This type of refrigerator has a glass door that can be opened so customers can see the food inside. It is common for these refrigerators to have tinted glass or a painted-on tint so that the food inside can be easily seen, but the unit's interior is still private. The top door is for regular access, while the bottom is for easy access to frequently used items. A pass-through refrigerator can also be described as having a "glazed" or transparent door. Glass door pass-in refrigerators are made from tempered glass. They are straightforward to clean and maintain. The door has a magnetic seal and a handle. The shelves inside the door are adjustable. These refrigerators have LED lighting that shines on the food.