Equipex Ventless Hoods

Equipex Ventless Hoods 101

Q1. Do Equipex ventless hoods have safety approvals?

A. Yes all Equipex hoods are approved to UL safety, CSA and NSF standards. The SAV-G PALI and SAV-O MISTRAL models are certified to meet the EPA 202 test method in accordance with NFPA 96. Check with your local ordinances. Local codes prevail.

Q2. Can a fire suppression system be installed on the Equipex ventless hoods?

A. Yes. If your local conditions or your appliance requires a fire suppression, the pre-piping can be installed at the factory. The remaining parts of the installation can be installed by the local Ansul installer.

Q3. How often does the hood's filter have to be changed?

A. Anywhere between 4-6 months, depending upon the type and the amount of food product you are cooking. The grease filter is cleanable in a dish machine or a pot sink. The particulate and carbon filters should be replaced. Purchase the replacement filters ahead of time to they are on hand when you need to change them out.

Q4. How loud is an Equipex ventless hood unit?

A. All Equipex ventless hood units run at 70 decibels.

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