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A countertop bakery display is an essential piece of equipment for restaurants that want to showcase their freshly baked goods in an elegant and practical way. Designed to fit on top of a counter, this type of display is typically made of glass or acrylic, allowing customers to see the tempting treats inside. The display itself can come in a variety of styles, including curved, rectangular, or hexagonal shapes. Some models even have built-in lighting to enhance the visual appeal of the baked goods. One of the many advantages of a countertop bakery display is that it can help to increase sales. By highlighting your bakery items in an attractive and eye-catching manner, you can entice customers to purchase items they might not have otherwise noticed. Furthermore, a bakery display can also help to keep your baked goods fresh for longer periods of time. The glass or acrylic material provides a barrier against air and moisture, which can cause the baked goods to become stale or dry out. Overall, a countertop bakery display is a must-have for any restaurant that wants to showcase their baked goods in a professional and effective way.