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Reasons Your Bar Should Have an Undercounter Dishwasher

In many large hotel operations, the foodservice is run by a central kitchen and alcoholic drinks are dispersed directly from several different bars. While it’s possible to have multiple kitchens, many have found it easier to run the bars as spokes on a wheel with the kitchen being the central hub.

While this is an excellent setup, there are inherent speed issues associated with it.  Yes, you can order food from any of these bars at the restaurants, but they take longer than if they were closer to the central hub.  Waste and dishes tend to pile up at the bars before they’re taken back to the hub to be dispersed again.

Bars can get and there’s often not enough time to wait for more glasses or plates to arrive.  They’re needed on the spot to maintain service.  This is one place where undercounter dishwashers can prove to be of great advantage.

An undercounter dishwasher takes the load off of the bartender for getting fresh glasses and plates to the patrons.  More appropriately, the bartender is able to keep up with the patrons while his or her bar back can keep the behind-the-scenes show running.

Undercounter dishwashers come in many sizes and speeds, but they all have the ability to fit under the standard bar, out of the way.  Many of them, because they’re low volume, are fairly quiet, so the patrons aren’t disturbed by the sound of a rumbling dishwasher near their feet.

As the volume increases in bars, it makes sense to move away from exclusively using a 3-sink undercounter setup and to using an undercounter dishwasher for speed. That way everything can get cleaned in one go, and you won’t end up with unhappy bar patrons.

2014-11-18 00:00:00
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