The Ice Cream Scoop Company

The Zeroll Company created the first truly modern ice cream scoop back in 1935. Over time, the company came up with several design innovations that kept their Ice Cream Scoop at the top of the industry. From their Zerolon coated aluminum alloy to their spring-less disher design, The Zeroll Company, has become one of the leading names associated with scooping and portioning.

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Zeroll Ice Cream Spades and Dippers
The Original Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop creates a bigger looking portion by eliminating compression, which gives you up to 20% more scoops of ice cream per gallon.
Zeroll Squeeze Handle Dishers
The Universal EZ Disher is a hand-operated food portioner. The Universal EZ Disher is NSF certified and available in 13 different sizes.

The Scoop on The Zeroll Company

The Zeroll Company began in Sherman Kelly's garage in Toledo, Ohio in 1935. With an innovative ice cream scoop product, Zeroll was a successful company even in the midst of the Great Depression. While the company went through some harder times during World War II due to the lack of aluminum for manufacturing, by 1968, under the guidance of the Funka Brothers, the Zeroll Company was once again successful, with the ice cream scoop regaining its reputation.

The Zeroll company continued to innovate and expand into other product lines, including the Zerolon scoop with its anodized hardcoat and Teflon protective coating, and the Universal EZ Disher, a one-piece, spring-less food portioner. The Zeroll Company, now located in Ft. Pierce, Florida, has introduced additional scooping and portioning products to the foodservice industry and has earned a reputation for user-friendly design and the use of high-quality materials.

An Invention During the Great Depression

The Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop was a revolutionary design that created the modern ice cream scoop. Patented in 1933 by Sherman Kelly, the ice cream dipper is non-mechanical, with no moving or breakable parts. The scoop is made from cast aluminum, with fluid inside the handle. The innovative science behind the design was the utilization of the heat transferred from the user's hand to the handle to warm the fluid. The warm fluid keeps the ice cream dipper defrosted, eliminating the need to rinse the dipper between servings. In addition, the scoop itself allowed rolling the ice cream into a ball.

How To Dip Ice Cream

  • Pull the Zeroll Ice Cream Dipper toward you at a 45 degree angle, cutting the ice cream just deep enough to form a rolled portion in the scoop.
  • Turn the Zeroll Ice Cream Dipper to separate and lift the rounded portion out of the ice cream tub.
  • Touch the ice cream portion lightly against the dish or cone for instant release from the Zeroll Ice Cream Dipper scoop.

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