Wall Mount Hand Sinks

No matter what kind of foodservice operation you have, if your employees are handling food, then regular and frequent hand washing is a requirement for preventing foodborne illnesses. In order to maintain proper sanitary conditions in your commercial kitchen, there should be a hand sink no more than 15 feet away from any food handling area, for easy access by chefs, line cooks and food preparers. Most commercial kitchens will have a minimum of 2 dedicated hand washing sinks, and typically more than that are installed. A minimum distance from food handling areas is also required, typically at least 18 inches. The hand washing sink needs to be a distinct unit separated from other equipment that comes into contact with food. If space is limited, then splashguards are required on the sink to keep food splatter, juices, etc. from contaminating the hand washing sink. Many hand washing sinks have features like integrated soap dispensers and towel dispensers. Have enough sinks "on hand" to keep your employees and customers safe from foodborne pathogens. Browse RestaurantSupply.com's large selection of wall-mounted hand sinks.

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Wall mount hand sinks are an essential feature in every restaurant's kitchen. These sinks are particularly important as they help to maintain proper hygiene standards and reduce the spread of germs. Wall mount hand sinks are typically installed at strategic locations that are easily accessible to staff members, ensuring that they can quickly wash their hands before preparing food or handling utensils. These sinks are also designed to save space, making them ideal for smaller kitchens. Overall, wall mount hand sinks are a must-have for any restaurant looking to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene standards in their kitchen.

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