Walk In Cooler and Freezer Combo

Walk in cooler and freezer combo units provide dual refrigeration storage functions. Within a single walk in box, two separately controlled compartments can store refrigerated goods and frozen items. These units are ideal for restaurants and other foodservice applications which require bulk food and ingredient storage for frozen and refrigerated foods but lack the space for two individual walk in boxes. Choose from a large variety of sizes and storage capacities. A walk in cooler and freezer combo may be the solution to all of your cold storage needs.

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Walk-in cooler/freezer combination units are used extensively in restaurants and commercial kitchens to preserve food items that require specific temperature ranges to remain fresh, safe to consume, and hygienic. These units are designed to provide ample storage space while being energy-efficient and cost-effective. They are so named because they allow for both refrigeration and freezing capabilities within the same unit, typically with two individually controlled refrigeration compartments within the one walk-in box. By combining the storage capabilities of both cooling and freezing, these units are ideal for restaurants that require both types of storage but may have limited space. In addition, these units can be customized to suit the specific needs of the restaurant, whether that be the size of the unit, the temperature range required, or the shelving configuration. Overall, walk-in cooler/freezer combination units are a must-have for any restaurant or commercial kitchen that requires refrigerated and frozen storage all in one unit, while still being energy-efficient and cost-effective. With the right combination of features and customization, these units can help maximize storage space and minimize overall costs, while ensuring food safety and freshness.