Waffle Cone Making Parts and Accessories

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Waffle cone-making parts are the different pieces that make up the machine used to make waffle cones. Most commercial waffle cone makers have everything you need to start serving waffles immediately. However, certain supplies may need to be added to a commercial waffle cone maker to make it more efficient and easier to use. A waffle cone roller is a small kitchen tool that helps create waffle cones at home. A waffle cone roller comes with several discs specially designed to press into the sides of a waffle cone to create a pattern. Some models have one disc that creates a pattern, while others have multiple discs for added variety. A waffle cone batter holder is a kitchen product that can be used to hold batter for waffle cones. It comes from a mold and is made from silicone or plastic. Just fill the mold with batter and close it with the help of a lid.