Under Counter Dishwashers

Commercial Undercounter Dishwashers are designed to squeeze the cleaning efficiency and sanitizing power of larger commercial dishwasher systems into a compact unit. Undercounter dishwashers can be installed literally under most commercial counters of standard height. They can also be situated against the kitchen wall and/or between other commercial equipment.

Typically, a commercial undercounter dishwasher is much more powerful than a residential model that may take up approximately the same space. However, these models are designed for use in commercial foodservice locations. While they are just as efficient and as fast as large conveyor and door-type dishwashers, undercounter dishwashers are usually limited to washing one rack of dishes at a tim, so they would not be able to handle the large turnover of a large busy restaurant or foodservice operation, except as a supplemental unit. However, they are ideal for smaller locations where business is steady and space is limited.

There are a number of different undercounter dishwasher models available from several manufacturers. Always double check the footprint, overall space requirements and electrical needs of the unit before purchasing. Note that some models are high temperature and others are lower temperature. High temperature undercounter dishwashers are ideal for cleaning and sanitizing dishes and other wares. Lower-temp undercounter models work well for washing glassware and small dinnerware items.

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Under Counter Dishwashers are a specific type of dishwasher designed to easily fit beneath most kitchen countertops. Designed for convenience and space-saving, they offer a reliable solution to keep your dishes sparkling clean while optimizing kitchen space. The value lies not only in their efficient cleaning capabilities but also in their compact design, perfect for kitchens where space is a premium factor. They are a boon for maintaining a clutter-free, clean, and organized kitchen, greatly enhancing your overall cooking experience.

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