2 Compartment Sinks

2 Compartment Sinks are versatile additions to your commercial kitchen. They are available in a number of different dimensions, including bowl/compartment depth. Confirm your installation space and other size requirements before choosing a particular 2-compartment sink. Heights can also be customized on some sinks, by the use of their adjustable legs and feet.

All two-compartment sinks are manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and models are available in a variety of grades of steel. You will be able to choose a 2-compartment sink with either a single (left or right) drainboard or dual drainboards for more efficiency. Note that these 2 compartment sinks come with pre-punched holes for faucets, which are typically not included with the sink. Sinks come with rounded corners for safety and easier cleaning of the interior compartment. Raised rolled top edges prevent overflows from becoming disasters.

Every commercial 2-compartment sink comes with a backsplash for protecting walls and other areas. Check the backsplash height to be certain the sink will fit in your space.

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2 compartment sinks are a must-have for any restaurant. They offer convenience and efficiency when it comes to washing dishes, utensils, and other kitchenware. These sinks have two separate compartments, one for washing and the other for rinsing, which allows for better organization and cleanliness in the kitchen. Not only do they help keep the kitchen clean and tidy, but they also ensure that dishes are properly sanitized before being reused. When it comes to restaurant hygiene, 2 compartment sinks are an essential tool that every restaurant owner should invest in.