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True Deli Display Cases

True Deli Display Cases are designed to keep sliced meats and cheese, potato salads, and prepared grab and go sandwiches cool. True Deli cases are also designed to optimize the presentation of the food products to entice customers to purchase them. All True Deli Display Cases come with a durable, stainless steel top which can be used to hold a scale/label printer or other small display items.

True has deli case models with curved glass and angled straight glass fronts. Note that curved glass models increase product visibility but take up more space and cannot be accessed from the front. Angled glass models are typically sliding doors that customers can open for self-serve of prepared food products.

True Deli Display Cases can be single duty, with one refrigerated compartment with a single gravity cold coil, or double duty, with two compartments, each with their own gravity cold coil. The double duty models allow the top compartment to hold prepared grab and go items for front access and the bottom compartment to hold bulk meats and cheeses for employees to access from the back.

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