Many Empura, Chef Approved, Vollrath, and Dispense-Rite Products Now In Stock!


From chef hats to non-slip shoes and all the pants, shirts and aprons in-between, Commercial Foodservice textile products will keep your entire staff clean, safe, and looking uniform.
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Aprons not only protect cook and chef clothing and uniforms from hot food splashes and drips, but they also provide a professional look for your servers and wait staff. Bib aprons, waist aprons, and dishwasher aprons all serve specific functions.
Your entire foodservice staff should have apparel that creates a clean, professional presentation and a consistent look that you select. From the head chef to the line cook and from the hosting staff to the servers and bussers, choose the apparel that is durable, safe, and sharp looking. Coats, shirts, pants, hats, and clogs are available.
Commercial grade pot holders and oven mitts allow your cooks and wait staff to remove hot pots and pans from the range top and from oven compartments. Also includes oven sleeves. Made from heat resistant materials. Pot handle covers are heat safe and designed to slide on to most commercial pan and pot handles.

Reliable bar towels keep not just your bar top clean but tables and counters as well. Absorbent and easy to clean, every foodservice establishment should have a handy supply of bar towels. Available in a variety of colors, styles and weaves.