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Tabletop products are any food service wares placed during a meal instead of being served directly on the table and include cutlery, glasses, napkins, and condiment holders. Tabletops are used to add decor and style to dining establishments and functionality. A few different materials are used for making commercial restaurant table tops. One of the most common is a metal table top, this can include stainless steel, aluminum, or another metal. These types of table tops are often very durable, easy to clean, and very long-lasting. Another common type of commercial tabletop is made from a form of plastic. Products made from a high-density polyethylene table top will be very durable, but a low-density polyethylene product will only last for a while before needing to be replaced. Many different types of commercial drinkware are available, each with specific features. Glasses serve all types of drinks, especially cocktails and other mixed drinks. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit customers' needs.