Sushi Display Cases

Sushi display cases are glass enclosed horizontal refrigerators. They are usually long countertop units for displaying many servings of differing sushi offerings. Designed for front of the house, sushi refrigerators hold temperatures that properly preserve your sushi. Models have either angled or curved glass fronts so customers can easily view the available selections. Note that while many refrigerated sushi display cases have integrated refrigeration, some sushi units require remote refrigeration systems.

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Sushi display cases are cabinets, counters or glass showcases used to display fresh sushi-grade fish such as tuna, salmon, yellowtail, or other raw ingredients displayed and sold to customers. Sushi display cases can be open or enclosed, refrigerated or non-refrigerated, and can be made of various materials, including stainless steel, acrylic, glass, wood, and plastic. Acrylic is a common material for sushi display cases due to its affordability, transparency, and resistance to UV light. Some display cases are designed to be free-standing, while others are wall-mounted. Some sushi display cases can hold hot and cold foods depending on the design. Many models of sushi display cases are fitted with LED lighting to help make the sushi pieces appear more appetizing. LED lights are also cooler than incandescent bulbs, so they won’t make the sushi pieces too warm. Most models of sushi display cases are either wall-mountable or free-standing. Some models of sushi display cases have adjustable racks, so they can arrange the display to suit the type of sushi served. Most models of sushi display cases are designed to accommodate both traditional and maki-style sushi.