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Storage and transport containers are specifically designed boxes and bags used to move and store food products from one place to another, keeping them safe from external contaminants and include food boxes, plastic sleeves, food bags, food transport cases, and food coolers. They are used in restaurants, hotels, and catering firms where food is cooked and served to customers. Different types of these storage and transport products are used for various purposes. These products come in different sizes and styles and are designed to keep food fresh and safe for consumption. The main purpose of storing and transporting is to keep these materials safe and secure from getting spoiled. Plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, or a combination of these materials can be used to make storage and transport products. The best quality storage and transport boxes will be very durable and sturdy and will come with a lid that locks so that nothing falls out and wheels that can be moved around easily. They come with a handle for easy carrying and a thermometer to keep food fresh and delicious might also be present.