Induction Buffet Tables

An induction buffet table is a beautiful example of technological functionality married to elegant form. Induction heating utilizes a large induction cooktop plate to generate a magnetic field that heats up any induction ready metal pan or pot placed there. This technology is efficient and only heats up the pan so there is no ambient heat on the cooktop nor any danger of burns by accidentally touching the top. The beauty comes from the table base. Each induction buffet table incorporates a wooden base that is solid and durable. The wooden base is stained to be aesthetically pleasing and to match your existing decor. It's like placing a beautiful stove top anywhere you want. Consider an induction buffet table for your front of the house application, such as banquet hall, buffet line, or any showcase cooking.

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Induction Buffet Tables are a type of furniture expressly designed for serving food in settings where large quantities are required, like banquets and hotel dining areas. These tables use induction technology to keep food warm, offering technologically superior and efficient food service. They add value with their health benefits as they maintain appropriate food temperatures, minimizing health risks. Additionally, these tables demonstrate eco-friendliness through their energy-saving functions. Their modern design adds an aesthetic dimension to your setting, all while they cater to the vital task of keeping the food perfectly warmed.