Refrigerated Cold Food Tables

Refrigerated Cold Food Pan Serving Stations are mechanically-assisted come with an integrated cooling system integrated into the base. These Refrigerated Cold Food Tables are available in a variety of lengths, so they accommodate a different number of food pans. Note that these units are all electric-powered, so they will require the appropriate electrical connection at their installation location. However, nearly all of the Cold Food Pan Stations are mobile and come with casters. The cold food table models are configured with either an open, an enclosed, or a cabinet storage base. Some models have sneeze guards included. Ideal for inserting into your buffet line, salad bar, or cafeteria style service.

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Refrigerated cold food tables for restaurants are a game-changer in the food service industry. They provide a reliable and efficient way of keeping food fresh and cool for extended periods. These tables operate using a refrigeration system that is electrically powered, ensuring that the food stays at the right temperature consistently. The tables are a great addition to any restaurant that wants to keep up with industry standards while providing high-quality meals to customers. With refrigerated cold food tables, restaurant owners and chefs can rest easy knowing their food is being stored correctly, and customers can enjoy fresh and tasty menu items every time they visit.