Ice Cooled Cold Food Tables

Designed to create single or multiple wells for a solid bed of ice, these cold food tables are durable and versatile. Most models are manufactured from stainless steel and the base is open, enclosed, or configured with cabinets. The well compartment is insulated so that the quantity of ice will last as long as possible. With the bed of ice, you can place full food pans or individual plates and bowls of fruit, salad, or desserts. Melted ice is removed with an integrated drain. Perfect for use in buffet serving, salad bars, or dessert bars.

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Ice Cooled Tables for Buffets are specially designed tables that have built-in cooling mechanisms for keeping food cold and fresh during buffet-style servings. These tables are ideal for displaying salads, fruits, desserts, or any dishes that require a cool temperature. The main advantage of using Ice Cooled Tables is the preservation of food quality and prevention of bacterial growth, ensuring the health and safety of customers. It also adds aesthetic value, making food presentation more appealing. Investing in such tables is tremendously beneficial especially for catering businesses, hotels, and restaurants aiming to provide exemplary dining experiences.

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