Steak Knives

If your restaurant serves steak or cuts of other meats, then you require steak knives for your customers. Steak knives are not included in standard sets of flatware.

Measuring approximately 8-1/4 to 9 inches in length, the steak knife usually has a sharp point and serrated edge to cut thick meats such as steak, pork or lamb, although rounded tips are becoming more common in restaurants. Note that some roasted meats are generally softer in nature and might be cut with a dinner knife's edge, instead. However, providing a good, quality steak knife tells your guests that you have paid attention to every detail.

There are a variety of handle styles that focus on durability, style or both. There are also differences in blade shapes and lengths, so you will need to decide which set of steak knives best matches your existing flatware and other tabletop decor. Construction of steak knives varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so look closely at how the handle is secured to the blade, or if possibly it is all one piece of metal. Partial tang and full tang construction, and two- and three-rivet construction methods are all common. There are also different types of blade metals, such as carbon steel and the 3 grades of stainless steel. Restaurant Supply offers many different styles of steak knife, so you will be able to find a set that works for your foodservice business.

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Steak knives are an essential tool for any restaurant that serves steak. These knives are specially designed to cut through the meat with ease, providing a smooth and effortless dining experience for patrons. As a highly skilled assistant, I understand the importance of having the right tools to deliver exceptional service. That's why I work closely with my clients to ensure they have the best steak knives available that meet their needs and preferences. Whether it's a classic design or one with a modern twist, I am committed to providing top-quality steak knives that complement the restaurant's style and ambiance. So if you're looking for steak knives that are both functional and stylish, look no further than my services as a copywriter and digital marketing expert.