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Soup Spoons

A typical soup spoon (also called a cream soup spoon) is the approximate size of a dessert spoon, and in some restaurants and homes is used for both soup and desserts. Smaller than a tablespoon, a soup spoon has a deeper, round bowl, making it ideal for obtaining a mouthful of soup, although the bowl's width may be too much for fitting in the mouth. Proper use of a cream soup spoon requires sipping soup from the side of the spoon. Note that an average soup spoon is approximately 6 inches long, although it can be as long as 8 inches, depending upon the manufacturer and the pattern.

Some manufacturers call their dessert spoons, with a more oval bowl, a soup/dessert spoon, which can add to some of the confusion that exists about spoons in table settings. has included both the traditional cream soup spoon and the soup/dessert spoon in this category of soup spoon. You will have to decide what type of soup spoon is proper for your customer dining experience.

Many of the soup spoons available here are formed from different grades of stainless steel. The higher grades of stainless steel (18/10 and 18/8) have a greater nickel content and so these soup spoons hold their shine for a longer time, which makes a good return on your investment in your flatware. Soup spoons with lower nickel content (18/0 grade stainless steel) can lose their luster after some time, especially if being used for certain types of soups with a higher acidic level, or if washed with harsh chemicals.

Soup spoons are available from in case quantities.