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Soda, tea, and water glasses are essential components of any restaurant's table setting. These glasses serve the dual purpose of enhancing the presentation of the table while also providing functional use for the patrons. The water glass is the most common and is typically placed on the right side of the dinner plate, while soda and tea glasses are placed to the right of the water glass. The soda glass can be identified by its tall, narrow design, while the tea glass is typically shorter and wider. It is crucial to maintain a consistent look and feel when selecting glassware for a restaurant, as it contributes to the overall aesthetic of the establishment. Having a designated glass for each beverage also helps to streamline the serving process, facilitating the work of the waitstaff and creating a more efficient dining experience for the customer. In summary, the proper selection of soda, tea, and water glasses can significantly impact the overall dining experience and should be given careful consideration when outfitting a restaurant.