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Plumbing and fixtures are the pipes and fixtures in a restaurant that carry hot and cold water, and they're used to fill up sinks, wash dishes, and provide drinking water for guests, these include faucets, drains and other fixtures that guests might use during their visit. Most faucets for restaurants are made of stainless steel and have a high level of resistance against corrosion. Some faucets are made of materials that resist heat, such as glass or plastic, and are best suited for use in a commercial kitchen. It is also important to ensure faucets have a high level of water flow and are ADA-compliant. Any restaurant's plumbing and fixtures must work efficiently and quickly. Plumbing and fixtures for restaurants come in different varieties and models. They are designed to work efficiently in different conditions. There are various faucet styles, including single-lever, dual-handle, self-closing, and more. Besides giving customers more control over their water, faucets with flow control can help save money on water bills if you have a metered flow. Some faucets can switch between hot and cold water, giving customers flexibility in water temperature.