Dinnerware by Type

Dinnerware by Type

19 categories
Dinner Plates
Dinner Plates 483 products
Luncheon Plates
Luncheon Plates 12 products
Serving Platters
Serving Platters 368 products
Cereal Bowls
Cereal Bowls 60 products
Fruit Bowls
Fruit Bowls 135 products
Soup Crocks
Soup Crocks 31 products
Saucers 80 products
Coffee Mugs
Coffee Mugs 100 products
Fry Pan Servers
Fry Pan Servers 19 products
Salad Plates
Salad Plates 102 products
Dessert Dishes
Dessert Dishes 36 products
Pasta Bowls
Pasta Bowls 124 products
Vegetable Bowls
Vegetable Bowls 14 products
Salad Bowls
Salad Bowls 166 products
Soup Bowls
Soup Bowls 143 products
Bouillon Cups
Bouillon Cups 89 products
China Dinnerware

China Dinnerware

6 categories
Melamine Dinnerware

Melamine Dinnerware

6 categories
Melamine Bowls
Melamine Bowls 10 categories
Melamine Plates
Melamine Plates 11 categories
Ceramic Dinnerware

Ceramic Dinnerware

3 categories
Ceramic Drinkware
Ceramic Drinkware 14 products
Ceramic Plates
Ceramic Plates 128 products
Ceramic Bowls
Ceramic Bowls 86 products
Porcelain Dinnerware

Porcelain Dinnerware

1 categories
Metal Dinnerware

Metal Dinnerware

4 categories
Metal Bowls
Metal Bowls 54 products
Glass Dinnerware

Glass Dinnerware

2 categories
Glass Bowls
Glass Bowls 6 products
Glass Plates
Glass Plates 7 products
Wooden Dinnerware

Wooden Dinnerware

1 categories
Plastic Dinnerware

Plastic Dinnerware

1 categories
Plastic Bowls
Plastic Bowls 49 products
Dinnerware Accessories

Dinnerware Accessories

5 categories
Snail Plates
Snail Plates 4 products
Plate Covers
Plate Covers 165 products

Restaurant Dinnerware - Product Choice Means Perfect Presentation

No matter what kind of dinnerware item you need, it is available in a variety of materials and styles. China Dinnerware is typically the most elegant and classy of the different types of dinnerware. With their heft and weight, China plates and platters stand up to loading up with any menu items. Plus China looks great on any table, from a corporate cafeteria to a high-end downtown haute cuisine-style destination. But if you are worried about losing some of your dinnerware investment to dining room accidents or rowdy patrons, there are plenty of other types of dinnerware that have a classy look while being lightweight and break-resistant.

Very popular for its durability and elegant style, Melamine Dinnerware can be found in any high-volume foodservice establishment. You can find sets of matching melamine plates, bowls, serving trays and platters, drinkware, even small sauce dishes for condiments and dipping. You could replace your serving dishes or your entire set of dinnerware with the extensive depth of products in the melamine dinnerware categories. Plastic Dinnerware is also available, with a huge number of manufacturers offering settings in different colors and styles, all made from polycarbonate plastic that is both durable and good-looking. For a more rustic presentation, consider Wooden Dinnerware. From salad bowls to serving trays, the natural toughness and real textures of wooden, wood weave, or bamboo offers you a chance to show the depth of your establishment's character or even your commitment to going green.

And this is just the start of your Dinnerware options. Besides the plates, bowls, trays, and drinkware available, RestaurantSupply.com also offers many accessories for the front end of your establishment and the dining room table. Dinnerware Accessories come in a variety of items such as plate covers for keeping meals hot, salt and pepper shakers, sugar caddies and other tabletop dinner accouterments.