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Reach-in freezers are large refrigerators-like structures, usually made of stainless steel, installed in a restaurant’s kitchen and used to store bulk quantities of frozen goods, such as meat, seafood, vegetables, and prepared foods. These are usually large walk-in units that are used to store perishable food items. They are usually maintained at a temperature of -18°C or lower to prevent spoilage.

They come in various sizes, ranging from 4 cubic feet to 8 cubic feet, depending on the amount of frozen foods that need to be stored. These freezers come with an anti-condensation system, which prevents moisture from forming at the bottom of the unit. The interior of the unit is designed with anti-corrosive materials to prevent rusting. The freezer door comes with an anti-trap system, which prevents any items from being caught in the door and the door from being stuck in the open position.