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Dirty Dishes Pots and Pans Are No Match for a Good Pre-Rinse

If you run a foodservice business and have a commercial kitchen, you need to be able to wash dishes. For heavy use, burnt on food, sauce, food scraps and other leftovers on plates, pots and pans, a solid pre-rinse makes the dishwashing process much easier. Pre-rinse faucets can be wall or deck mounted or add ons for sinks with existing faucets. Spray valves are also available with different flow capacities and designs to meet your application needs.

Pre-rinse faucets come identified with precise configurations, including height and width and center of the faucet, to allow you to choose correctly. Some models include a spray valve and others allow you to add your own to suit your usage. From full assemblies to kits and add-ons, you will find the right pre-rinse faucet for your foodservice establishment.