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Popcorn equipment includes a number of different pieces of commercial foodservice equipment that pop, allow the serving of, or the showcasing of popcorn. From poppers to merchandisers and display carts, you can provide this profitable snack treat to your customers with one or more of these units. Most popcorn equipment is compact, designed for countertop installation or on a mobile cart.

Make, serve, and/or merchandise popcorn in your concession stand, convenience store or other foodservice business. Each type of popcorn equipment comes in models of various configurations and sizes. For example, popcorn poppers come in different kettle sizes, so you can make large or small batches, depending upon the level of demand for popcorn. Merchandisers are available that are heated and lit so you can present your freshly popped treat to your customers and keep it enticing and ready for purchase. A mobile display cart is ideal for venues such as sport stadiums, carnivals and country fairs.