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Make Grab-and-Go Easier Than Ever with Air Curtain Merchandisers

What better way to increase sales of your to-go items than to remove any barriers and hesitations on the part of your customers? An Air Curtain or Open Air merchandiser has no door and uses air curtain technology to keep cold temperatures in the compartment. These commercial refrigeration units keep products such as pre packaged sandwiches and plated meals at proper temps until your customers are ready to grab them. Using a continual flow of chilled air blowing at the opening, a cold compartment is created without need for an actual door or closed case. And with no door to open, or to prevent customers from reaching in on impulse, sales of these items will increase.

The open air layout of these units provides an easy, at a glance inventory of the compartment’s contents. Easy view and easy access equals more sales. The air curtain merchandisers can help display your items and draw attention with their sleek designs and interior lighting. Open air merchandisers are ideal for front of the house, point-of-sale installations, enticing that last minute, impulse purchase.

Available in horizontal or vertical models, and in a variety of capacities, you will find the right air curtain merchandiser for your coffee shop, deli, convenience store, or cafeteria. Horizontal models offer arms reach easy access. Vertical models offer eye-height display and smaller floor footprint. Make grab-and-go easy with open air merchandisers and increase your revenues.