Omcan has been serving the foodservice industry in North America for over 65 years. They distribute food service equipment and smallwares that enable commercial kitchens to prep, cook and serve their customers. From Meat slicers and Blast Chillers to Juicers and Cutlery, Omcan has quality, reliable products for every nook of your foodservice business.
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Omcan Blast Chillers
Omcan Blast Chillers are durable quick freezing units available in a number of different capacities. Chill trays of product down to -18 degrees Celsius. Constructed from stainless steel, with high density polyurethane foam insulation, you can rest easier knowing your food product will be chilled rapidly. Digital control panel, electric defrosting system, built in floor drain.
Omcan Meat and Prosciutto Slicers

The Omcan slicers are as visually appealing as they are precise. Designed with a nostalgic look with bright red finishes, these units are built for durability and consistency in slicing. Omcan slicers are also equipped with safety in mind. Easy to operate, maintain and clean. Look to Omcan for the Meat and Prosciutto Slicers that will elevate your establishment to the next level.