Menu Solutions

Menu Solutions
Menu Solutions has created a huge catalog of different products to showcase your menu. All manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials, including leather, metal, and wood. From customizable menu covers and menu boards to tabletop displays and tents, there are hundreds of ways for you to share the contents of your kitchen with your guests in the dining room or at the counter. In addition to menu products, Menu Solutions also offers reservation and checkout items such as reservation books and check presenters.
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Menu Solutions Restaurant Reservation Books
Menu Solutions provides reservation books that utilize a simple system that you can keep bound up one of their elegant covers. This will help you stay organized, tracking your restaurant's business flow. A Menu Solutions reservation book will also help you put your guests at ease when they know their name is in the book.
Menu Solutions Tabletop Displayettes and Table Tents
A menu tent or tabletop displayette allows you to showcase drinks, menu items, or specials at the table or counter. A stand up menu draws attention and increases purchases of those menu items. Constructed from quality materials such as aluminum, wood, leather, vinyl, and/or acrylic.
Menu Solutions Menu Covers and Menu Boards
Menu Solutions provides menu covers and boards that meet your foodservice needs. Menu covers and menu boards are the 2 most common and practical ways of sharing what is being created in your kitchen with your customers in the dining room. But there is such a huge variety of menu cover and board types, sizes, and colors that you can find exactly what will fit the ambience and your brand. From elegant leather bound multipage menus to tri-fold vinyl jackets.
Menu Solutions Menu Bands and Accessories
Menu Solutions menu bands help secure your additional menu pages in your menu cover. They are also available in a huge variety of sizes and colors, to match both your menu size and the style you are trying to present. Includes metallic gold elastic to silver and black. Find the menu band or other menu accessories, such as a menu clip, that you need to keep your menus intact and user friendly. Be certain that you find select the right size band appropriate for either a menu or a wine list sized cover.