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Melamine Sauce Dishes

Melamine sauce dishes are small, shallow bowls made from a durable break-resistant plastic. A sauce dish is perfect for holding dipping sauces, other liquid condiments, or even small-portion side dishes that you may serve with your appetizers or entrees. You can find sauce dishes on the tables of many restaurants that serve ethnic cuisines, as well as in residential dining rooms everywhere.

Made of melamine plastic, a heat, stain and scratch resistant material, these sauce dishes often have the look and feel of chinaware, but are lightweight, durable and almost unbreakable. A set of long-lasting melamine sauce dishes will typically be available at a fraction of the cost of similar looking chinaware, without any of the fragility of china. While china and porcelain sauce dishes can chip, crack or break with even slight force, melamine versions of sauce dishes offer the reassurance that they can even withstand being dropped on a kitchen floor.

While melamine is not safe for microwave use, a melamine sauce dish is still a perfect way to present all kinds of warm or cold dipping sauces. The scratch and break-resistance of melamine, combined with its lightweight durability, means it can withstand heavy and constant use in a high-volume restaurant setting or even a busy, food-focused residential kitchen.

One of the benefits of melamine sauce dishes is that many manufacturers offer a huge variety of looks, colors, shapes and patterns. So you can find the sauce dishes that complement your other dinnerware and your decor while acquiring the reliability of easy-to-clean, difficult-to-damage melamine. Basically, melamine sauce dishes combine style with durability.

Melamine sauce dishes are ideal for use with all kinds of cuisine and menu selections, ranging from common American condiments such as ketchup and relishes to Asian dipping sauces and Mexican-style salsas or guacamole. Melamine sauce dishes are also safe and convenient for customers or family members, since these items are BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and often stackable for easy storing when not in use.