If you are in need of quality tools for your foodservice operation, whether you are a chef in a restaurant, a pastry chef, a kitchen manager in a premier hotel or for a cruise line, a student or teacher in a culinary institution, a caterer, or a food service manager in a healthcare facility, look at Matfer's products now. For food prep, cooking, baking, decorating or serving, Matfer will have what you need.

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Matfer Baking Tools
Matfer has quality baking utensils and pastry tools for professionals chefs since 1814. Matfer is proud of its reputation as a leading international producer of professional kitchen equipment.
Matfer Cutlery

When prepping vegetables, meats, poultry, or seafood, you require sharp, easy-to-handle cutlery for precision slicing and filleting. Consider Matfer knives, from paring knives to bread slicers and chef knives.

Matfer Cookware

Matfer cookware includes both common cookware types such as fry pans and sauce pots, as well as specialty cookware products such as crepe pans, poachers, and zabaglione pans. Many pieces of Matfer cookware are also induction ready. From copper to black steel, Matfer offers a huge variety of cookware for your commercial kitchen.

Matfer Bakeware

Matfer provides all kinds of bakeware, from roasting pans to creme brulee stoneware and cake pans. No matter what kind of pastry or other baked good you are creating, Matfer offers the supplies you need. Available with Non-Stick surfaces.

Matfer Kitchen Hand Tools
Matfer Kitchen Hand Tools include everything you need in your commercial kitchen from apple corers to zesters, with tongs, graters and strainers in between. Rely on Matfer for your kitchen utensil needs.
Matfer Food Prep
For prepping ingredients and components of your menu items, consider reliable Matfer Food Prep equipment and tools. From mandolines and salad spinners to sausage stuffers, Matfer products will help you get your culinary creations completed with efficiency and consistency.
Matfer Kitchen Supplies
Matfer provides not only the finest baking and pastry supplies, but many other products in a variety of areas of the commercial kitchen. From food storage supplies to safety and cleaning suppies, you can count on Matfer Kitchen Supplies found here.
Matfer Serving Supplies
After you prep, bake, decorate and finish your menu items, Matfer offers you a number of different products to help you serve and display in style. From bowls and plates to serving baskets and trays, you can select the Matfer items you need
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