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Manitowoc Storage Bins

Manitowoc ice storage bins come in two specific styles: Angled, sloped front B-style models and upright F-style models. All Manitowoc storage bins are designed to accommodate Manitowoc modular ice machines. Some storage bins will require top adapters when paired with narrower ice makers.

The more common Manitowoc ice bins are the smaller, sloped-front B-style ice storage bins. These Manitowoc bins are built with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel with a heavy-duty polyethylene bin door on the front.

The higher-capacity upright F-style storage bins from Manitowoc are wider and taller. They hold more ice than the sloped front bins. They are also constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel and the bin door is durable, scratch-resistant polyethylene. These models also include a sliding ice gate which drops ice into the front hopper, and keeps the remaining ice contained above. The ice gate reduces spillage, increases safety, and allows a first in ice to be first removed for use.