Krowne Metal

Krowne Metal

At Krowne Metal, they take manufacturing stainless steel commercial bar supplies and plumbing supplies for commercial establishments very seriously. After all, working with durable metals is in their name. For 65 years, Krowne has continued to expand, but always with a focus on producing the best stainless steel equipment and accessories. From back bar refrigeration, cocktail stations, and speed rails to faucets, sinks, drains, and more, Krowne has become synonymous with modern, high-quality, stainless steel foodservice products.

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Krowne Metal Wall Mount Faucets

Wall mount faucets are ideal for installing at an existing wash station sink. If you have plumbing including water hookups and drains, a wall mount faucet is an easy choice. Krowne Metal wall mount faucets are available with swing, gooseneck and double-jointed nozzles.

Krowne Metal Deck Mount Faucets

These Krowne Metal faucets attach directly to the deck of your sink, so you can select the exact faucet that will perform as you require with your existing sink. No matter what the application, you will find the right deck mount faucet. From swivel to gooseneck to double-jointed nozzles, Krowne Metal has a huge variety of deck mount faucets.

Krowne Metal Pre-Rinse Units

Pre-rinse units from Krowne Metal are an essential piece of equipment in commercial kitchens with heavy use of cookware and dinnerware. Pre-rinse faucets are available in a number of types, including deck and wall mount models. Some models come with spray valve heads and others can be custom configured with spray head accessories. Keep your pots and pans moving with an efficient pre-rinse unit.

Krowne Metal Hand Sinks

Every commercial kitchen requires employees to wash hands regularly and a Krowne Metal Hand Sink is a great choice. Krowne has a large selection of hand sinks that will help keep things sanitary and safe for both employees and customers.

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