Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives include the most commonly used pieces of cutlery used in a commercial kitchen. From the small oyster knives and paring knives to the boning and butcher knives, and up to the largest chef knives, you will find a large variety and selection.

8 categories
Chef Knives
Chef Knives 82 products
Paring Knives
Paring Knives 56 products
Butcher Knives
Butcher Knives 38 products
Scimitar Knives
Scimitar Knives 2 products
Utility Knives
Utility Knives 41 products
Slicing and Carving Knives / Utensils

Slicing and Carving Knives / Utensils

Slicing and carving knives are designed for specific types of food items. They have specialized edges, handle configurations, and blade lengths so that you can handle cutting fresh bread without crushing it, perfectly slicing cheeses, and carving meat and poultry for plating.

7 categories
Carving Forks
Carving Forks 31 products
Steak Knives
Steak Knives 93 products
Dough Cutters
Dough Cutters 74 products
Cheese Knives
Cheese Knives 16 products
Electric Knives
Electric Knives 1 products
Knife Sharpening Supplies

Knife Sharpening Supplies

Nothing is more frustrating when chopping ingredients, carving meat and slicing poultry then having a dull knife. Depending upon the style of knife and edge, you need a special sharpening tool. You can find sharpening stones and steels as well as electric and handheld sharpeners.

7 categories
Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears

Whether you require heavy-duty, all-purpose kitchen shears to handle a variety of tasks, or if you need dedicated, precision shears for cutting through poultry, fish, or delicate herbs, you will find the right kitchen shears or scissors here.

5 categories
Poultry Shears
Poultry Shears 5 products
Fish Shears
Fish Shears 3 products
Herb Shears
Herb Shears 2 products
Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Knives / Peelers

Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Knives / Peelers

When chopping produce, you need a quality knife to properly prepare your ingredients. From Fruit knives and vegetable knives to mezzalunas, peelers and herb knives, you will find the right tool for your produce.

4 categories
Peelers 33 products
Produce Knives
Produce Knives 10 products
Mezzalunas 7 products
Lettuce Knives
Lettuce Knives 3 products
Asian Cutlery

Asian Cutlery

When creating an Asian culinary masterpiece, the right tools can make all the difference. You require knives dedicated to the precise task at hand. From razor sharp cleavers to separate meat from bone to narrow, thin, and pointed sashimi knives for intricate bladework, as well as Santoku and Nakiri knives, we carry a variety of Asian Cutlery.

4 categories
Asian Cleavers
Asian Cleavers 22 products
Santoku Knives
Santoku Knives 10 products
Sashimi Knives
Sashimi Knives 2 products
Nakiri Knives
Nakiri Knives 2 products
Knife Sets and Storage Supplies

Knife Sets and Storage Supplies

Store and transport your commercial cutlery safely with these knife storage supplies. From Racks to bags, rolls, and cases, you can keep your knife sets organized and ready to go when you need them. For individual knife storage, consider a blade cover or guard.

4 categories
Knife and Cutlery Sanitizing Systems

Knife and Cutlery Sanitizing Systems

A knife or cutlery sanitizing system keeps your knives and other cutlery clean for use. Stay in line with your local health codes. After you wash your cutlery, use one of these sanitizing systems to remove the bacteria that washing alone could not. Liquid sanitizers and ultraviolet light versions available.

4 products

Having Commercial Cutlery is important to nearly any foodservice operation and its employees. Knowing that your knife is sharp, won't slip, and that it will make short work of whatever need cutting or slicing makes work in a commercial kitchen easier. That’s why carries a huge amount of cutlery from several of the top names in commercial grade kitchen cutlery. Each and every type of knife found in a commercial kitchen is designed for a specific use. From the simple paring knife to the chef knife, carving knife, boning knife, and cleaver - each of these pieces of cutlery are necessities for certain tasks in any kitchen. Stock up today on these and many other types of commercial knives, plus cutlery accessories such as sharpeners.

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