John Boos Underbar Dump Sinks

A John Boos underbar dump sink is a food service sink that is connected to the external sewer system which is used for dumping beverages or other waste products. Dump sinks are intended for liquid waste disposal and typically are not used for any other purposes such as handwashing.

Many health codes include the point that hand sinks must be only used to wash hands and nothing else, to eliminate potential contamination. Therefore, if a business needs to dump any other liquids, there must be a separate, additional sink. This dedicated unit is the underbar dump sink.

A John Boos underbar dump sink is typically shorter and narrower than other commercial bar sinks, which allows them to be installed under existing counters and bars. This also means that a dump sink can be wisely kept away from the view of guests. Some dump sink models can be wall mounted and others can be free standing on the floor. Local health regulations will determine which type is required.

With an underbar dump sink nearby, any unused ice, water, and wasted liquids from preparing mixed drinks can be dumped. If ice is being used to chill a beverage in a cocktail shaker, the used ice can be dumped in the dedicated sink. Any bussed glassware that may have left over liquid in it can be emptied out in the dump sink. Since it would violate health regulations to pour these into a hand sink or other compartment sink, these dedicated sink units become the acceptable way to get rid of waste liquid without contamination. From a few drops of beer to the melted ice from a cocktail, all of these waste liquids can be disposed of properly in an underbar dump sink.

Some underbar dump sink models incorporate a top station adjacent to the sink for setting up a blender for mixed beverages and cocktails. This makes it convenient to both prepare the drink and dump any excess waste in a small compact area. Other models of dump sink also include storage space beneath the sink bowl, in order to make the best use of space under the bar. Such extra space can be ideal for storing food product or cleaning supplies, but health codes will regulate what can be stored there.

An underbar dump sink should be primarily for waste liquids and not solids, such as spoiled cocktail garnishes and scraps, which can potentially clog the drains and pipes. Ideally an underbar dump sink should be adjacent to a waste chute or trash bin. Some dump sink models have these integrated into their design.

Overall, a John Boos underbar dump sink provides a safe, sanitary, and efficient way to dispose of unwanted liquids left over from the different processes of preparing, serving, and bussing beverages. With a variety of types, sizes, and extra options available, any commercial bar will find the dump sink that meets its needs.

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