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Janitorial supplies are cleaning products that keep public buildings and spaces clean, these include floor cleaners, window cleaners, cleaning chemicals and more. Commercial janitorial supplies might include mops, buckets, brooms, vacuum cleaners and more. It may also include equipment such as floor buffers, sweepers, and vacuum cleaners. These supplies might be cleaning equipment or cleaning products. Janitorial supplies may be made from various materials, such as plastic, metal, fabric, or resin. Janitorial supplies are used to clean and maintain various places, from homes and offices to schools and hospitals. The materials that janitorial supplies are made from can impact their cost and suitability for use in a given setting. Commercial Janitorial Supplies are essential to any company’s cleaning and maintenance protocol. The products in this category are used to keep floors, countertops, equipment, and other surfaces clean and hygienic for the health and comfort of employees and customers.